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A truly Southeast Alaska taste adventure, these pickles are made from Bull Kelp (Nereocystis luetkeana), a seaweed of the Pacific Northwest coast. This is one of the largest seaweeds known. It is high in potasium, iodine, and bromine,
and also contains sugar, starch (algin), sulfur, phosphorus, chloride, iron, silicon, and trace elements.

Wild Alaskan Kelp Pickles

  • Kelp pickles are one of our biggest selling items! We harvest bull kelp mid summer. We have some great friends that help us with this. They are commercial salmon trollers and they graciously take their boat out, usually with one of our girls along to help, to a favorite kelp bed a couple of hours north of Sitka. Once there, at low tide they drop down into a row boat and move through the kelp bed reaching about a foot under water cutting off the stipend and filling the boat. We then process the kelp much like you would cucumbers, turning them into a delicious bread and butter pickle! If you haven't tried them yet, you really need too! Warning: They can become addicting and you might eat a whole jar in one sitting!
    6.75 oz.

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